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Favorite saying or theme song:
Sheila "Killer" Anything from Tapestry
Connie "Conrad" Atsa nice, or Act your age
Vicki "Pool Shark" "I sing Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin"
Casey "I'm just a love machine"
Ruben AKA: Rube Saying: "Piece of cake!"
Theme Song:
"Sweet Judy Blue Eyes" Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Jules or Joolz Saying: "GET ON IT!"
Theme Song:Social D "She’s a knockout" and "I am Woman" Helen Reddy
Princess "The Bitch is Back"
Shar Get this party started! by Pink
Val "Eh?"
Brian "Have a good time all the time!"

Favorite cocktail?
Sheila "Killer" Grand Marnier
Connie "Conrad" Scotch and soda with a twist
Vicki "Pool Shark" Today-bacardi and grapefruit
Casey BUD
Ruben AKA: Rube Grand Marnier
Jules or Joolz Rosemont Estate Cabernet Merlot
Princess 1800
Shar Cadillac Margarita
Val Greyhound, with the good stuff
Brian 1800 Cuervo or Captain and Coke

Cartoon character most like you:
Sheila "Killer" Road Runner, before I needed two new knees!
Connie "Conrad" Andy Capp
Vicki "Pool Shark" Jessica Rabbit
Casey Alfred E. Newman
Ruben AKA: Rube Road Runner, "I just can’t be caught!"
Jules or Joolz Cinderella or Power Puff Girls
Princess "Little Devil" Caspers nemesis!
Val I don't know, but I collect mice figurines
Brian Grounds Keeper Willie, from The Simpsons

What’s the stupidest question you are asked?
Sheila "Killer" This questionnaire, and of course, what day is Cinco de Mayo!
Connie "Conrad" "Why are you kicking me out?"
Vicki "Pool Shark" "What time is it?"
Casey "What's the name of this bar?"
Ruben AKA: Rube On Thursday $2 you call it night, "are you running any specials tonight?"
Jules or Joolz "Oh, do you work here?"
Princess On $2 you call it nights, stupid people ask me "how much", when I serve them 4 drinks!
Shar "Do you have anything to drink here?"
Brian "What drinks do you have on special? They are all specials!"

What animals do you belong to?
Sheila "Killer" A Cat named Xena, she is a 20lb. Siamese, you know she is so human.
Connie "Conrad" All the girl bartenders!
Vicki "Pool Shark" Stanley the Standard Poodle
Casey A Cat named Bo and a Fish named Freddie
Ruben AKA: Rube Max the Dog, he is 8 years old and is a chow/shep mix.
Jules or Joolz Cody and Eddie the dogs, a Siamese cat named Rocky, and two red eared slider turtles named Gamara and Filbert
Princess Fenway the Dog
Shar Rajia, he is a long haired grey cat.

Favorite video game?
Sheila "Killer" "hey, that reminds me, to the rotten sod who stole our video poker from the smoking room- BRING IT BACK!"
Connie "Conrad" None
Vicki "Pool Shark" Run 21
Casey Golfing game
Ruben AKA: Rube Solitaire
Jules or Joolz Joust
Princess video poker
Shar Megatouch- Quick match, I'm the champ!
Val chips
Brian Pitfall

Favorite drink to make?
Sheila "Killer" Strawberry Daiquiri
Connie "Conrad" Simple ones
Vicki "Pool Shark" Bloody Mary
Casey Martini
Ruben AKA: Rube Shot of Jack Daniels
Jules or Joolz Hawaiian Punch
Princess shot of JD
Shar Sharberry
Val V.O. & water
Brian Scotch rocks

Least favorite drink to make?
Connie "Conrad" Foo Foo´s
Vicki "Pool Shark" Lemon Drop
Ruben AKA: Rube Singapore sling
Princess Scoobie Snack
Shar Maitai
Val "I'm not a bar keep, but I suppose it would be anything blended!"
Brian aniethin i caant spel.

Favorite restaurant?
Sheila "Killer" Lamont St. Bar and Grill
Connie "Conrad" Bully's
Vicki "Pool Shark" I love all food . . . It´s hard to pick
Casey Chuy's, it's under the Coronado bridge
Ruben AKA: Rube Gentlemen´s Choice
Jules or Joolz Bully´s La Jolla
Princess Jack in the Box
Shar Cafe Bella and Lamont Street Grill
Val Bully's or Saskas
Brian Saskas

Favorite sport?
Sheila "Killer" "Believe it or not track and field. I was on my high school team!"
Connie "Conrad" Football and Tennis
Vicki "Pool Shark" Football
Casey Fishing
Ruben AKA: Rube Baseball, Padres
Jules or Joolz Silver Fox soccer team, you rock!
Princess Footbal- Patriots... but I like to play softball
Shar Football- Titans!
Val Golf
Brian Motorcross

What do you do on your off time?
Sheila "Killer" I´m at Costco! Or taking care of my mother
Connie "Conrad" Wish I was here (the Fox)/ rest at home
Vicki "Pool Shark" Sleeping, playing pool, walking the dog, internet, school, cooking, and riding in shopping carts
Casey Work on my new house, drink beer and smoke, sleep
Ruben AKA: Rube I like to spend time with my family
Jules or Joolz Host parties, Bikram "hot" Yoga, and cook for my man
Princess Travel the world
Shar Go to the beach and play pool!
Val Golf
Brian I go FAST!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Sheila "Killer" A Grandma
Connie "Conrad" Smarter than I am
Vicki "Pool Shark" A rock star
Casey Just like Connie
Ruben AKA: Rube An adult
Jules or Joolz Wife and a mother, will I be grown up by then?
Princess a bar owner
Shar A Criminal Lawyer
Val Retired!
Brian "I am grown up"

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Sheila "Killer" I don´t lick, I suck!
Connie "Conrad" I don´t know
Vicki "Pool Shark" Too many
Casey 2, many
Ruben AKA: Rube 2563, I actually counted that!
Jules or Joolz 365, one lick a day!
Princess 3
Shar "I don't lick, I bite!"
Val I've never had one!
Brian 1 bite

Favorite song to X off the jukebox?
Sheila "Killer" You know you really shouldn´t do that!
Connie "Conrad" No favorite, but all rap!
Vicki "Pool Shark" I never x ...hee hee
Casey Smooth by Santana
Ruben AKA: Rube Smooth by Santana
Jules or Joolz Metallica
Princess anything by Frank Sinatra!
Shar Smooth by Santana
Val Tool
Brian Smooth by Santana

What was your best 86?
Sheila "Killer" When we owned Stinger´s, one night the bar was overrun by Hells Angel´s and The Mongol´s the bar was out of control, it felt like a riot could break out at anytime, I jumped up on a barstool flipped the lights up into high gear, and told everyone to get out, the police were on their way! I locked the place up at 10:30 that night, everyone was 86´d!
Connie "Conrad" I think you have had enough, go get something to eat
Vicki "Pool Shark" Two guys were being jerks and gave me a hard time thinking that I would be easy to be rude to- I took their drinks and asked them ever so graciously to leave, they did.
Casey When I was cut off by Maura, it happenend quite a bit so this one time I took my tip back!
Ruben AKA: Rube At the time we had live entertainment, a man and two women walk into the fox. The man comes to the bar and orders 3 cocktails, I say, "hey, I need the ladies ID before I can serve them". The guy walks back to the ladies gets their ID´s, when I looked at all three of the ID´s they were all men! Later that night another man asked one of these "ladies" for a dance. Everyone was having a good time until the guy that was dancing with this "lady" discovered how well endowed she was down below! A fight started and I haven´t seen them since!
Jules or Joolz A guy was laying on the pool table spilling his drink, so I asked him to get up. He jumped up yelling and wanted to box with me. I gave the nod to a doorman who 86´d the guy for life.
Princess This rude guy was slammin' doors and being a jerk, so after 2 years of being 86'd, I let him come back to the Fox. His first night back he took money off the bar and the dumb guy was 86'd for life!
Shar It was time for this guy to leave, so I told him to GO! Then he banged his chest like a gorilla and ripped off his shirt! I said, "OK NOW YOU REALLY GOTTA GO!"
Brian Tiffany!

Dream Vacation?
Sheila "Killer" World cruise on Crystal Harmony- we think Sheila really deserves this after 30 years on the Avenue!
Connie "Conrad" 2 months in Montana
Vicki "Pool Shark" My life is a vacation
Casey Fiji Islands, Ireland, or Angel Falls in Venezula
Ruben AKA: Rube All of Asia
Jules or Joolz Tahiti and Asia
Shar Bahamas relaxing in the sun sipping Margaritas!
Val It would be a year long!
Brian Newark Delaware

Most embarrassing moment at The Silver Fox?
Sheila "Killer" Pimp ´n Ho party, which was a disguise for my surprise birthday party! Everyone was there!
Connie "Conrad" All the time
Vicki "Pool Shark" When I drink Jager, they probably all are embarrassing.
Casey I made a stinky #2 in the ladies room before we opened, when I opened the door for business 2 ladies were waiting outside. They came in and of course went straight to the restroom...they came out coughing and choking at my smell, and of course they new it was me...I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE!
Ruben AKA: Rube "Oh I can´t tell you that! But the next most embarrassing time was ripping my pants during a shift, I had no extra!" How did it happen? "I can´t tell you that either!"
Jules or Joolz Arriving with Vicki and Shar while pushing Vicki in a Vons shopping cart! That night we had walked all the way from the Open Bar on Mission Blvd, then we went bar to bar, finally to end up at The Fox!
Shar Arriving with Vicki and Julie, while pushing Vicki in a Vons shopping cart! I still haven't heard the end of that with the regulars!
Val When Bruce cut his finger while carving and serving ham at The Silver Fox Christmas party!
Brian I've never been embarrassed here! That's a good thing too!

Favorite cereal?
Sheila "Killer" Porridge
Connie "Conrad" I don´t eat cereal
Vicki "Pool Shark" Anything on sale
Casey Cheerios
Ruben AKA: Rube Frosted mini wheats
Jules or Joolz Too many carbohydrates!
Shar Special K with Strawberries
Val Shreddies
Brian Peanut Butter Captain Crunch

Any additional comments?
Sheila "Killer" I had 30 great years on Garnet Avenue, great employees and such loyal customers; Julie and I are going for another 30!
Connie "Conrad" I hope that people grow up and get along!
Vicki "Pool Shark" The Silver Fox is my home away from home.
Casey From my heart to yours
Ruben AKA: Rube Thanks for the memories!
Jules or Joolz Please leave your chewing gum at the door, Thank You!
Val I've had several years of fun at The Silver Fox!
Brian "Henry that's the mens room"

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